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Geometric Premium WordPress Theme

1 Star
PRICE: $70

Geometric takes a structured approach to showcasing two rather non-structured things: blogs & design portfolios. The modifications made possible by the widgetized spaces however, takes all of the rigidness out of this template and enables you to be you…

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • Geometric is a hybrid of a blog + portfolio and thus enables you to run both these as an integrated offering on one WP installation;
  • A custom home page, which is completely widgetized and thus allows you to move different widgets (for blogging, portfolio & social profiles) around as you wish;
  • A completely widgetized sidebar, along with 12 custom (Geometric-specifc) widgets that you can use;
  • Ability to interchange between a left and right sidebar;
  • Styling for both blog and portfolio items that are carried forth throughout the site (category, date-based and tag archives, along with search results); and
  • The ability to publish all of your social profiles throughout the site; allowing you to connect with more of your users.
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