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Foreword Thinking Premium WordPress Theme

1 Star
PRICE: $70

Foreword Thinking is a neat 3 column design with a “table of content” magazine-styled home page. This theme comes bundled with a moveable sidebar, a customizable featured posts section, 10 theme styles and the ability to set alternating colours for specific areas of the design.

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • A custom home page with a “table of content” designed blog section, featured posts and two available page modules that can be set in the theme options;
  • Randomizing colour styling for featured posts and date blocks with colours editable in the theme options.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with 7 custom widgets that you can use;
  • Ability to interchange between a left and right sidebar;
  • 10 different styles to choose from